Beauty Pill: Immersive Ideal: Summer Residency

Recording studios are generally private. Makes sense, really.

The Immersive Ideal project will break from this practice and turn the recording studio into an open musical construction site.

The idea is simple: During its summer residency at Artisphere, Beauty Pill will re-purpose the Black Box Theater as a makeshift recording studio. And we will record our album. The unusual aspect of this endeavor is that the public will be given a window into the sessions.

Not a metaphorical window, a literal window.

A large window looks into the theater and the curtain that normally covers the window will be drawn back and open at all times. So all of the challenges involved in making the album – the collaborative attempt to shape the music into something coherent and electric – will be visible and audible.

Our operating precept is to bear down on the work itself just as if we were in a private studio. And Beauty Pill's music is not at all 1-2-3-4 rock 'n' roll. In fact it more resembles film-making where scenes are often shot out of order, etc.

And this is important to note: the way that Beauty Pill works involves a lot of stumbling in the dark.

I imagine visiting the residency will be a lot like visiting the zoo. Sometimes the monkeys are doing something interesting. Sometimes the monkeys are asleep. They're monkeys.

Beauty Pill: Immersive Ideal: Winter Installation

The band will return in winter to present the finished work as an interactive multi-media surround-sound installation that will integrate photography culled from the sessions in what we hope will be a kinetic, involving way.

The winter installation will be held in the same Black Box Theater as the summer residency. So as people become immersed in the result, they will also be immersed in the process.

I'm told the word for all of this is "meta." But come on. Nobody likes that word.

Making a record in a museum. What do we hope to get out of this? Not sure. Seemed like an interesting thing to try.

We are deeply grateful to all of our friends and collaborators on this project.

- Chad Clark / BEAUTY PILL

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